Manual Management

Liftair is a partner of Web Manuals supporting it’s customers implementing compliance libraries. We help to link the regulations to the manaual chapters. We can also do manual editing and distribution for you on Web Manuals platform. Please contact us for more details.

Web Manuals offers an all-in-one document management system for the aviation industry. Their solution enables Easier Editing, Structured Reviewing Automatic Compliance Monitoring, and Controlled Distribution of documents and manuals. Being the world leader in document digitization, Web Manuals set the standard by providing an easy-to-use solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency. With Web Manuals, you become part of more than 20.000 aviation professionals that now write & publish compliant manuals with ease. For further information please visit


Lift Airline Support will support your airline’s EFB implementation i.a.w. EASA AMC 20-25 and help you to setup EFB environment and processes, not forgetting the EFB Policy and Procedures Manual. We can help your airline with EFB Administrator and pilot training, and evaluat which EFB solution fits your needs best. Get in touch!

Fuel Efficiency

We will provide valuable expertise to your airline’s Fuel Efficiency Program. If you are launching new program or need to boost existing program get in touch and we’ll figure it out!

Fuel efficiency is not only having right tools to monitor the fuel usage. It’s team work between different deparment and sharing knowledge and best pratctices through the organisation and coach all stakeholders to have environmental friendly mindset. To get fuel initiatives implemented, the decisions must be based of facts and the only way to succeed is to have motivated staff and crew.